Friday, June 22, 2012

Table Scape

Golden sand, pure blue skies and a hint of sunset red....
Sea & sand inspired Spring/Summer collection from 

Tahoe collection: made for that relaxed meal you're daydreaming of. 
Woven from pure flax; sharp simple hem.

Nothing goes better with LIBECO table linens than Earthborn pottery.  
Soft blues, subtle yellows and deep rust....made for each other!

For that meal on the beach or dining alfresco outside, stripes in faded blues,  greens and spice and a casual elegance to the table.  Finished with a elegance of simple hem.

Available in the following sizes:
  • Napkin - 22" x 22"
  • Runner - 21" x 59"
  • Tablecloth - 69" x 71"
  • Tablecloth - 69" x 102"
  • Tablecoth - 69" x 120"
  • Tablecloth - 69" x 138"

LIBECO linens and
Earthborn pottery...

available in Charlottesville through

C & A Camp

Thursday, June 7, 2012

leila lou...

...we love you!

This truly irresistible perfume oil is made with 100% essential oils. With notes of Pear Blossom, fresh cut grass and tangerine, Leila Lou captures the alluring scent of innocence and freshness. 

This is how you'll feel when you wear leila lou:

available in Charlottesville through: