Saturday, April 30, 2011

U.K. Fever

OK, we'll admit it.

We were totally smitten with the Royal Wedding and truly have U.K. Fever!

Jump on the bandwagon ~~~

Come in and get your original British FAILSWORTH hat!
"The company was formed in 1903 and has since been designing and manufacturing men's hats in Failsworth, Manchester. We also manufacture our ranges of ladies occasion hats in Luton, the home of ladies hats, for many years. Our knowledge and experience of hat production is second to none."
C & A Camp is the ONLY shop on the U.S. East Coast who sells Failsworth hats.
Come see the quality and style!!
"Failsworth Hats has over a century of design experience and craftsmanship in producing high quality headwear for a worldwide customer base." 

Check out the Fisherman's Hat -- perfect for spring days spent fishing (or just sitting on the dock.)

And don't you worry --

 Failsworth DID NOT make this hat:

C & A Camp
Downtown Charlottesville

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time To Plant!

We want to be outdoors.

You didn't think we'd be staying indoors on these gorgeous spring days, did you?!

Get your planting on and put it in 
Campania International pots.

Available at C.A. Camp & Sannino


{fountains, too!}

Sunday, April 24, 2011


C.A. Camp & Sannino wishes you a most luxurious and lovely Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Believe in Linen

According to the Libeco website, "Lagae Linens was founded in 1858 and Libeco, just six years later.
Enduring the hardship of two World Wars, the strength of the linen industry of Flanders has waxed and waned in the 20th century. Today, with the merger of Libeco·Lagae, the outlook for Belgian linen production is brighter than ever in its venerable history."
"Libeco Home is a division of Libeco.Lagae and is specialized in manufacturing and distributing high end household linen and exclusive fabrics for retail and the contract market. It has its own stitching operation in Meulebeke."

You can purchase all your Libeco linens at C.A. Camp & Sannino.


 Here is a fascinating short movie on the production of (and the wonders of) linen:

BE LINEN MOVIE from Linen and hemp community on Vimeo.

Believe in linen.  Carlin does.
C.A. Camp & Sannino

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Is is cloudy, damp, breezy and cold where you are?  Don't despair.  Put your feet up and bask in the Mexican sunshine!

Who is this handsome fella?  Why it's Carlin's good friend Scott!

Want to go?!  
Stay where Carlin stays:  


Friday, April 8, 2011

Off We Go....To Amsterdam!

One of Carlin's favorite places in the world is Amsterdam.

Where does she stay while visiting this fun city?  None other than the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, which first opened its doors in 1867.  

 This is Carlin's FAVORITE house in all of the Netherlands.

 Handsome son, Penn, enjoying the good life of European travel!

We could all use a little vacation right about now, yes?

Photos:, hotel website, Carlin's personal