Sunday, June 26, 2011

We ♥ New York

Who doesn't love the greatest city on Earth?  Let's take a bite out of the big apple!
One of our favorite museums, the spectacular Neue Galerie

On this trip, we'll be staying in Midtown at  
Jumeirah Essex House.
Jumeirah Essex House is situated between Central Park and Broadway. It has been described as luxurious, yet cozy.  Sounds perfect!
This is where Carlin and her son like to stay when in NYC.

They're even pet friendly!!

Impeccable service is guaranteed, gorgeous views, and in the most desirable city location -- aren't you ready for a stay in the city?

We know that fine dining abounds in New York, but there is no place like:

Go there for a lovely lunch.

After lunch, you know damn well we're going shopping!
First stop:  

Shoe shopping gawking at Bergdorf's is a must.

But for the ultimate in shoe experiences, head to 
Madison Avenue. 
There you will find Silvano Lattanzi
where you can get your shoes handmade.

The boutiques in Nolita are a must-see.  As boutique freaks, this area can't be missed.

When we're finished with our shopping excursion, THIS is where we'd have dinner.
Because its yummy and we'd be hungry.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dauphines of New York

 There are few things we take seriously here at Camp & Sannino.  Most of the time we are anti-serious and all about FUN!  But there is one thing we take seriously -- our hair.

photo: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

 No joke here; we are obsessed with 
Dauphines of New York 
Luxury Hair Accessories.

Dauphines of New York (owner, Summer Rej) is getting so much press and love, we can't possibly report on it all.  And with good reason -- these hair accessories are amazing.

With chains that are truly light as a feather, and a secure, adjustable(!) band, and style beyond measure, we cannot love these any more than we do.

Ah, yes, come get your Dauphines head bands at 

C.A. Camp & Sannino
Downtown Charlottesville, VA

Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Real!

 Carlin's ideas are like lightning bolts - they come bright and they come fast.  
She came up with a bumper sticker(!) that describes her shop in two little words. 
C.A. Camp & Sannino is real if it is nothing else.

 The beauty of these bumper stickers is not the simplicity nor sentiment, but it is the fact that Carlin will take the proceeds from the sticker sales through the shop and donate them to the 
It's her way of giving back.

We are excited about these stickers and the "invitation" to get real with anyone who comments on them.  Are you willing to go there?  The stickers will be sold at the shop and via

Sourcing out the stickers to this company ensured that the stickers would be a high-quality bumper sticker product that, although not perfect, had a much better footprint than vinyl.

The owner and founder of Eco Bumper Stickers says,  "Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks about life in little rectangles and I provide these eco-friendlier stickers for other creative characters as well as custom stickers for a host of largely environmentally aware organizations."

 Got real?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

nous aimons le parfum!

If you're like us, you love perfume.  And you especially love Parisian perfume.

How fantastic is it that Carlin is now carrying L'Artisan Parfumeur in the shop?

"The L’Artisan perfume house was founded by a visionary perfumer, Jean Laporte in Paris in 1976. By now, his unique perfumes have become cult objects. Their creative, path finding creations are radically different from the host of commercial scents lining the shelves of perfumeries."

When you sample the lovely scents Carlin has chosen for her shop, trust me in this, you will have a very hard time picking which one to buy.  That's perfectly okay, just buy two!

"A L'Artisan perfume ignites true feelings or recalls magic moments of your life – whether it is a dreamy walk in the fig gardens, or a playful chase of butterflies under the blossoming orange and citrus trees..." -Neroli perfume & luxe

It's time for some romance. 

Available now at
C.A. Camp & Sannino
Downtown Charlottesville, VA  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Light My Fire

(Ack!  Where are the candles?!)

Nothing says summertime like dining outdoors.  You've set the table with LIBECO LINENS -- just don't forget the candlelight -- it's what every table needs to be complete.
And long lasting, clean burning beeswax candles are definitely the way to go.

For the very best in beeswax candles, choose 
Bee Hive Candles.  They are 100% beeswax -- the real thing.  No additives, no scents, no fillers, nothing but the beeswax is used to make these amazing candles.  All the wax used in production is made in the USA.  No imported beeswax is used.

Have you ever smelled 100% beeswax candles?  They have a faint scent of honey -- not from anything added, but because they contain a very small amount of actual honey!
It is a heavenly, yummy scent that is pure and clear.

Bee Hive Candles are hand poured and hand finished.  Each one is inspected for quality.

All taper candles, either Standard or the larger Colonial are drip-less and clean burning.

photo by Grahm Owen

Colors too!!
Honeycomb sheets masterfully rolled by hand to create a decorative & playful beeswax taper candle.
And of course, all Bee Hive Candles are oh so green!

photo by Jonny White

Bee Hive Candles 
are available through 
C.A. Camp & Sannino
Charlottesville, VA

photo via linen and lavender blog