Thursday, May 10, 2012


A-Mazing!  Feast your eyes on the coolest shoes ever.  

 The {genius} idea behind these shoes is this: you thread the ribbon through the outer elastic loops to create an infinite number of looks...

The ready to wear shoes are hand made in the US of sustainably sourced wood and components.
 The founder of Mohop is Annie Mohaupt...
"Annie grew up on a small sheep farm about 100 miles west of Chicago. Her greatest inspiration growing up was her mother, who taught her that power tools are a girl thing.
Annie has a degree in architecture and worked in the field for close to 7 years. Annie started making shoes in 2005 as an experiment to see if she could indeed make shoes. It was WAY more work than she expected.
If Annie didn't spend all her time making shoes and thinking about making shoes, she would enjoy: going to the movies; game nights; tea time; fat novels; slow jogs with Kiddo the Dog; and vegan cupcakes."

Mohop shoes come with 6 ribbons, but just imagine the possibilities - use your own scarves or ribbon!

Mohop Shoes are available in Virginia exclusively at

C & A Camp
Downtown Charlottesville

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