Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anzie Is Beautiful... are the founders!

"Philanthropy is not usually the word associated with the launch of a successful jewelry line. For Anzie Stein, however, her philanthropic mission was the cornerstone of her company, Anzie. What began as a coping method when her husband was diagnosed with cancer quickly grew into a unique and compelling passion for her and her entire family."

"While accompanying her husband, Barry to New York and LA for treatment, Anzie spent her free time browsing through numerous boutiques and was inspired to create a line of jewelry to help raise funds for colorectal cancer awareness. They sought out high quality colored gemstones that inspired the creation of the Lifesaver Bracelet. Each subsequent visit to New York and LA became both “healing and buying” trips. Barry survived his fight against colon cancer and each visit strengthened their motivation. Their efforts finally led to the creation of Anzie Jewelry."

"The brand’s building block, the Lifesaver Bracelet remains a best seller with proceeds going to research for Colorectal Cancer and several other nonprofit organizations."

"Launched in 1999 in Montreal, Anzie has won the admiration and devotion of the fashion world, celebrities and the everyday woman. Using only the finest gemstones from around the world, each piece is crafted by hand and set in18-14 karat gold, and sterling silver. The vast array of color, cut, and innovative design has quickly garnered notoriety in the fashion industry and has been seen on the pages of top fashion publications and the red carpet."

"Anzie jewelry is based on everyday luxury. Each item is versatile and can be worn casually or to formal occasions. Unique color combinations and creativity are what makes the jewelry fun to wear every day.

"High Quality materials and workmanship are important to Anzie, with the production based at Anzie’s headquarters in Montreal and all the materials hand-picked."

"Anzie is a socially responsible company and our gold, diamonds, and Gemstones are mined in non-conflict areas."

ANZIE jewelry is available (and owned and worn every day by Carlin) through her shop:

C & A Camp 
Charlottesville, VA

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