Thursday, August 9, 2012

Les Insolites

Come see!  

The two new delicious fragrances in the shop are both from L'Artisan Parfumeur's 
LES INSOLITES collection.
 Les Insolites collection: "Designed to make you smile, warm the blood, 

stir the mind and body and for a moment make your life a kind of deeply fragranced fairytale all of its own." 

Safran Troublant is an unsettling and potent portrait of a candied rose. The sensuality is heightened with the addition of sandalwood and spicy ginger notes. This makes for a seductive and unexpected fragrance, where the saffron serves to highlight the sheer opulence of the rose. Beautiful and a little dangerous to wear.
saffron, rose, vanilla, sandalwood

Voleur de Roses was composed by Michel Almairac and captures the chaos of a rose garden shattered by a thunderstorm. Rain and the smell of lightening in the air, wet earth, broken stems, bruised petals giving up a spicy crushed scent into the air. Roses stolen, ripped back by nature, this is an unexpected rose scent, a collision of roses and patchouli. Regal and brutal, tender and long lasting.

plum, rose, patchouli

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