Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Woman Behind the Shop

I want to write a post about the owner and founder of the shop, C.A. Camp & Sannino.

Carlin's shop has been described by this quote:

"If Doris Duke had a store, this would be it!"

Naming the store for her two children (Christopher Penn and Annie), Carlin is a family-first woman.  

Carlin, Annie, & Penn

She loves her children, parents, brothers, nieces and nephews, and pets almost as much as she loves traveling the world!  ;)


And travel the world she does.  Having lived in Amsterdam for a spell, the European way of life took hold and never left.  A connoisseur of all things fine and stylish, Carlin wanted to bring her love of treasures found around the world to her home town.  Charlottesville, VA got a cultural explosion, ready or not!!

Mexican, African, and European items fill C.A. Camp & Sannino.  



There is no one like Carlin; there is no store like C.A. Camp & Sannino.

(Stay tuned for the back story on SANNINO!  Are you curious about that part of the shop's name?!)



  1. Love to hear when stylish women take a risk and follow a dream! Best of luck you the new venture!!

  2. You had me at Doris Duke!

    Lovely to see you over here, and looks like an amazing shop!!!

  3. Of course I'm curious! The "& Sannino" wasn't there originally! I can't wait to hear the story. :)

  4. Yay!! You guys rock! Thank you.

  5. thanks for stopping by Appletree! Cool stuff. Nice blog. Good to meet you!

  6. Hi Im Carlin, Thank you so much for checking out my shop & Anita's blog.If you dont know Anita in real life, trust me, she is kind. I love her. She helps teach, shoot Anita just helps. BTW I decorated a cow skull, she hates it hete, as I think the skull look like a Princess, Anita disagrees strongly, flip side, skull still hanging:) Anita is so supportive of my efforts(she likes my items) & that is priceless. Hey all you enthralling bloggers:) please send me links to your blogs so I can track & learn from you. EVERYTHING, seriously is new to me!

  7. Carlin Camp has a heart that can fill a room..... a large room.....! She is soulful, thoughtful, generous, kind, talented; Charlottesville is blessed to have her as a part of our community. Her store is refreshing, purposeful and surprising--like her. If you haven't been, you must so that you can both experience shopping in a store that is like no other, and meet a woman that will move you and your heart. Thank you Carlin.

  8. So neat...and looks and sounds like a lovely person..... Love to see anyone take a dream and pursue it, very inspirational. Great eclectic blend of all kinds of things looks like they will grace her store...what a find! Glad also to have found your lovely blog! I am your newest follower :)
    Please visit me at my almost 3 month old blog...about the building of our home and my passion for decor/design.

  9. Oh my goodness, Zora! My heart just exploded. I know that wasn't the focus of this post, but black pugs have a very very special place in my heart :)