Sunday, March 27, 2011


photos:  Jordan Ferney, Oh Happy Day!, The Sartorialist, Garance Dore,  A Dreamer's Den, La Maison Boheme, Oliver Yaphe blog, Pia Jane Bijkerk, A Paris ou ailleurs, Todd Selby


  1. WOW I cannot tell you how powerful this post was...I could almost feel the spring breeze! I sooooo want to go back..were there a few months ago and miss it so! Lovely beautiful Paris perfect pictures!

  2. ANITA I LOVE Paris, been countless times LAST time
    was the BEST ever. Rented a huge apt., 16th arrondissement (right bank)was QUIET. Everything was perfect, has been each trip but most! Paris is the ONE city or than London I refuse to drive in, ha! Some one would def. get hurt, prob ME!
    love it!
    & hell yes I had top room with patio over looking city...sat up on my perch hours each night. Wine, cigs and PARIS:)!!! (Mom & kids had next level heetee)

  3. & I am absolutely the WORST speller on planet!
    Meant not every trip to Paris was as perfect as this one. & Paris & London are the only 2 cities I refuse to drive in. Geez I need decoding hA!
    Ok, everything was PERFECT except, no room service, but we had MOM! Plus one never lacks for food in PARIS, most affordable European city I know. Simply cant miss with ~take out~ & ANY bottle of wine. Had many bottles (Mom & I hete), not exp. all superb!!! Lets go!

  4. Ah, yes, Paris in the spring (and the summer, fall and winter of course).

    What a pleasure to meet you.

    I never believed one could have a love affair with a city, but it's possible.

    Warmest regards,

  5. wah! these pictures are so fab! i have never been to france, but would love to go. my co-worker goes to france once a year for a MONTH-LONG VACATION. i am so jealous! and he has the best time there! always!

  6. Yes! I want to go to there! Somehow I missed France when we backpacked across Europe. HUGE regret.

  7. Love it all. I followed you over here from A Dreamers Den! XO