Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Is is cloudy, damp, breezy and cold where you are?  Don't despair.  Put your feet up and bask in the Mexican sunshine!

Who is this handsome fella?  Why it's Carlin's good friend Scott!

Want to go?!  
Stay where Carlin stays:  



  1. There are NO words wonderful enough to describe *!Hacienda las Trancas!*
    The owners, food(fresh & real), pure pure BEAUTY, horses in hacienda stable (about fell off laughing so hard, Scott?:), 40,000 feet of privacy!, pool, gardens, hammocks, mariachi bands, small town with store.
    Other pictures are Mexico City, my "runaway" city. Plane touches down, toss luggage in hotel & off to Museo de Arte Moderno! My favorite museum after Isabella Stuart Gardner, Boston.
    European museums cant be thrown in equation, wouldn't be fair, too many. GO to ~ Hacienda las Trancas~ best deal on planet, warmest people ever. Isnt that what its all about?

  2. What stunning pictures..more than the beautiful architecture and the lively colors that are so Mexico you captured the unique and special spirit and kindness of the Mexican people..I have often been touched and impressed with the warmth of the culture of the Mexican locals each time I have been to this beuatfiul country. San Miguel Del Allende is my personal favorite place thus special!