Friday, April 8, 2011

Off We Go....To Amsterdam!

One of Carlin's favorite places in the world is Amsterdam.

Where does she stay while visiting this fun city?  None other than the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, which first opened its doors in 1867.  

 This is Carlin's FAVORITE house in all of the Netherlands.

 Handsome son, Penn, enjoying the good life of European travel!

We could all use a little vacation right about now, yes?

Photos:, hotel website, Carlin's personal


  1. What time is my flight? Wow how spectacular!!! Such stunning pictures.....

  2. Yes, we go to Amsterdam frequently, love it! Stay in many diff. hotels. BEST part of The Amstel, they treat my children like GOLD (to me they are platinum, kids not hotel).
    Penn, my son orders *at least daily*ugh, a club sandwich with pomme frites at Amstel. Why? There is an egg on it:) Upon leaving the bill takes my breath, those damn club sandwiches hete!

  3. The Amstel is worth every cent. Its all about the service. Everyone there makes you HAPPY!!!! & very comfortable!

  4. This is one city that I have ALWAYS wanted to visit!!

    Hopefully someday. Just love the history and personality.

  5. One of my favorite beautiful!! Safe travels ~

  6. Wow, that hotel looks a bit nicer than the youth hostel I stayed in when I went to Amsterdam back in 1980! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Nothing compares to Amsterdam hotels and everything around! Loooove it!