Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just a little apartment eye candy for today:

{travel books!  Looks like Carlin and Elettra Wiedemann are birds of a feather.}

Photos:  Vogue.com

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  1. Anita this too funny,had to goggle Elettra Wiedemann. Almost really to spank :) you. Elettra is 20 yrs younger, model gorgeous( in natural way) & wicked smart, I surely am NOT!
    Saw her books (have most all of same), style of apt. perfect & my fav. colors too. RANUCULUS, truly my fav. flower in world! Alana gifted me a bouquet in Amsterdam(pink one in picture), I was SO happy, Alana knows me well. Related to Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, mothered by Isabella Rossellini, yay! Begin a non-profit non-profit for special charity projects around the world, LOVE. Owns Moxie to name "One Frickin Day" !When I grow up I want to be Elettra Wiedemann! THRILLED to know we have one more sister that gots in goin' on:) & so do you ANITA!& I wonder how you spot on as you DO:)