Friday, May 27, 2011

Stick Around!

Let's just stick around the East coast of Africa, shall we?
Tales of African dancers and warm nights of roof top dining came straight from Carlin's lips as she gushed about her time spent in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and Zanzibar.

 The Tower Top Restaurant has been slated one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.  I guess so, with five courses served as you watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean!

Carlin's cousin Phyllis and her husband Dan Craun-Selka are doing good work in Africa.  Leaders in the PACT organization, Phyllis and Dan are two people working hard to fulfill Pact's belief "that the best assistance leaves behind knowledge, expertise, and a framework for people to pull themselves out of poverty. We deliver top-level technical assistance in multiple fields such as HIV/AIDS, economic opportunity, the environment, democracy/governance, and peace building."

Go HERE for more information on Pact 

 The amazing hotel on Zanzibar is 236 Hurumzi

Stay in the Crystal Room, like Carlin did.

After being hugged and squeezed in excitement over our President, several Tanzanians wanted Carlin to say "thank you" and and tell Mr. Obama they love him.  Carlin did just that -- she sent a kanga to the President (with his picture on it) on behalf of the people of Dar es Salaam!  The White House sent her a thank you note.
Carlin is an ambassador and doesn't even know it!

 African women dance through their hips, with solid sway.  Lovely, and real.

I can just smell the exotic scents, and feel the warmth of the sunshine and the kind people of Africa.  Can't you?


  1. Anita I am not an ambassador, just plain me. But I do love people:)

  2. Carlin, you are more than an ambassador - you bring kindness and your generous spirit everywhere you go and to all the people you meet. If only all ambassadors were as lovely as you! Keep us posted on your travels and keep bringing beautiful treasures back to C-ville for us!