Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"Fragile and resilient, feminine and practical, imbued with serenity but intrinsically full of movement..." 

A description of clothing design that completely entices me; did I pique your interest?
Have a look:

 From Sylvia Rubin of the San Francisco Chronicle:
Backstory: With a doctorate in anthropology from UC Berkeley, Borja took inspiration from her travels and study, and began making clothing in 2001, starting with her own graduation dress. She's shown at San Francisco Fashion Week and been featured in many magazines. She started with ruffled fleece coats and dresses and more recently added higher-end fabrics to her ruffly repertoire.

Vibe: "Project Runway" workshop. Lived-in studio space with drafting tables, fabric swatches everywhere, two sewing machines; a small, well-stocked retail space takes up the front of the workroom.

The goods: Ruffled wool tartan and fleece skirts, jackets and coats; bamboo yoga clothes, bias-cut dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, long evening coats, boleros, wraps and scarves, and baby and children's clothing ($95-$600).

Clientele: The non-minimal stylista with an arty bent.

 Signature item: Long ruffle-edged skirt or jacket, in fleece, or for fall, wool tartan.

And now, we are lucky, lucky, lucky!  
West coast style is coming East.  

C.A. Camp & Sannino 
is the *exclusive* purveyor of 
Cari Borja Designs.

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  1. Takes a whole lot to shake me up, leave me breathless & desiring of clothing.
    ~Cari Borja~'s designs do all three!
    My shop & I are honored & very privileged that Cari would allow us her stunning, creative & classic designs. Thank you Cari,so very much!

    California dreamin', SHOUT out & kisses to Miss. Olivia L.! West is coming East, East is going West, to Berkeley. Cari & Olivia share the same college *UC Berkeley* YAY!
    Both Ladies are feminine, practical & most certainty "full of movement". I wish only the very best to Cari & Olivia!