Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthborn Pottery

"Chefs love it for its unique style and quality…you’ll love it because it is beautiful"

Wanting to make a living doing what she loves, Tena Payne stumbled into her livelihood quite by accident.  "She and her family were farming shiitake mushrooms and had a banner crop. She decided to sell some of them to a well known chef, James Beard Award winner Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama. Tena and Chris discussed her pottery craft and he commissioned her to make unique dinnerware and serving pieces for his restaurant. From that, a succession of culinary and hospitality shows all over the country followed which resulted in the launch of Earthborn Studios."

"As well as serving the hospitality community, Tena sells pottery to retail stores, produces several custom lines including a collegiate line, produces awards for corporations, and even makes a line of bathroom sinks. Earthborn Pottery has grown, expanded, and now has become the sole employer for Tena, her husband and her children; she finally gets to make a living doing what she loves every day."

Earthborn Pottery is available at
C.A. Camp & Sannino
Charlottesville, VA


  1. I love her stuff - it is truly amazing:) - I mean look at the glazing - wow.
    Have a nice friday!

  2. Tena has made quite a name for herself in Alabama! Her pottery is dishwasher, microwave and OVEN safe and mine has NEVER cracked or chipped in the 5 years I have used it in my kitchen. I want all her pieces!! Great post!!!