Monday, January 30, 2012

Ski The Alps

And when you go, stay where Carlin likes to stay!

Walserhof in Klosters

Carlin's favorite thing about this place was the nice piano player named Charlie.  They must have yummy food, too -- the Walserhof restaurant is world renowned.  Christmas-time there is extra special; so beautiful.

Another fabulous alpine getaway is two hours from Zurich.  Stay at the Hotel Gasthof Post Lech

Beautiful scenery.... magical and enchanting.

The Spa

They too have delicious food (and drink!  Careful of the P├ílinka, it packs a wallop!)

Hitting the slopes?  Have fun; we'll probably be in the spa.


  1. I have to weigh in on this(we were there over a month). I skied, scariest skiing yet, thankfully LOTS of fluffy snow:)
    Was all about ~CHARLIE~ beauty & food, whew!

  2. You have to stop with these are tempting me to abandon unpacking and head off to Switzerland!