Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Larry!

Larry is special, special, special to Carlin and her family.  Hell, Larry *is* family!

Carlin's words:
*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to THE Man who puts the *S* in Superfly! ~L.A.R.R.Y.~!!!!!!!!!!
Definition:  Larry ~KEEPER of my Sanity~ 
Keeper of my children, our pets (who are CRAZY over Larry too) and our homes.
Shoulder to lean on and
THE Man to laugh/cry with !


Soft spoken dispenser of cracking wisdom.
He calls me Miss Carlin, I call him Sir.
Larry is my 3rd brother and my "husband" (his lovely wife shares). 
His Mom Ada shares too (Ada has taken care of Camps for decades. Foxy lady.)
I tease him, "Black man loving country music!"  Larry tells me I have SOUL!
Best hugger EVER!
Makes Muhammad Ali (no diss) look like a smurf compared to Larry ...giggle...
*********** WE LOVE our LARRY*******
~Happy Birthday HANDSOME~

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