Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Linen for Life

Not only is linen beautiful to look at, it is good for you!  Healthy in all the right ways.
True story -- when Carlin was momma-to-be with her first baby, she went to NY to get linen crib sheets.  Better for the baby?  More healthy than cotton?  Who knew?  Carlin just thought they were pretty! Through the years, having another baby and living with linen herself, Carlin discovered first hand how fabulous linen can be.  Her favorite (after trying several brands) is LIBECO.  That is why -- the number one reason why -- she sells it in her shop.  It's the best.  Pure and simple.  Real and true.

The Benefits of Pure Linen Sheets:

1 - Has a light massaging effect because of the microscopic breaks throughout the fabric

2 - Suppresses live pathenogenic bacteria, microflora, and fungi and is not known to cause allergies

3 - Stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation

4 - Warm in the winter - insulating and cool in the summer - a breathable fabric (think of those sweaty summer nights when you wake up wrapped in damp cotton/polyester sheets)

5 - Absorbent - has excellent abilities to absorb superfluous moisture (see #4)

6 - Stronger than Cotton

7 - Can last up to 20 years (an investment)

8 - Environmentally friendly - all the flax used to make linen is used in other ways - the seeds are pressed to make linseed oil which is used in floor coverings, such as linoleum, and paint. Linen is a renewable resource and it needs no irrigation. Linen is also fully biodegradable.   --quote found

We aren't the only ones in love with LIBECO.  Check out the latest 'What's Hot' from Elle Decor (March 2012):


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