Friday, March 2, 2012

If It's Good Enough For IRON CHEF...

That's right -- Chef Chris Hastings of 
Hot & Hot Fish Club 
battled Iron Chef Bobby Flay and used Earthborn pottery to present his cuisine! 

Hot and Hot Fish Club owners, Chris and Idie Hastings

Chef Chris Hastings’ famous Hot and Hot Tomato Salad served on Earthborn pottery.

"Historical traditions and methodologies are used in the creative process and require an artist’s eye, strong hands and continual diligence to achieve the balance between form and function that typifies the elemental character of Earthborn pottery."

"The product has been tested for quality and safety. The clay is vitrified, which guarantees durability, and the abrasive-resistant glazes are industrial dishwasher safe. The product is beautiful, original, and restaurant sturdy."

All Earthborn products are certified microwave, dishwasher and oven safe (when brought up to temp or run under hot water).

"Like the people we cherish, each piece of Earthborn Pottery is unique and one of a kind, a treasure to be passed down for generations."  --Tena Payne, founder Earthborn Pottery

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