Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Libeco Home

Libeco has done it again....amazing linen imbued with gorgeous colors.

'Two colors take center stage in Libeco Home’s new collection: Old Red and True Blue. Two timeless colors, very different yet somehow belonging together. Two simple colors that shine out, forceful and clean. Two authentic colors that found each other on the beach. Old Red and True Blue.'

"This story begins with old red.

After happening upon old Dutch boats with sails of “madder red” this color became our obsession.
These sails became a vision that we could not get out of our heads.
But as you make your way through the pages of our book you will completely understand why.
The simplicity and earthiness of this color is exactly what we’re all about
and so these elements became a part of every old red product we created.
Old red is now a good friend.


We were working away on the old red story when the Avignon collection came to be.
And suddenly we were on to blue in a very big way - it pulled us in and wouldn’t let us go.
Working with these blues we were blown away by their beauty and power
and true blue was born. For us true blue is a state of harmony - a kind of peace.

In our story old red meets true blue in an old tractor on the beach.
Ancient harmony re-created.

And in the end, it’s youth that inspires.
The future is bright."

--Jamie Welstead and Amy Behn
(designers Libeco Home)

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