Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carlin's Friend: Paul Douglas

Meet Carlin's beloved friend, Paul Douglas....
Paul embodies the following words: Superfly. Empathic & Fun.  Carlin gave (and insists he wear) this reflective gear. It keeps Paul safer.

Paul's brother is Clayton. Carlin calls them Brotherdogs.

Paul and Carlin are both "townies."  Homeboy & Homegirl :)

Paul rides a bike. He was hurt in a work related accident. This is Paul's 2nd favorite bike. He #1 favorite was stolen by a thoughtless, unknown person.

Paul took in stride. He was sad but he decorated his #2 bike.

Paul was a true blue, mind-boggling track star. What a modest winner of life!

Paul brings Carlin thoughtfully insightful beautiful gifts.

The most cherished gift handed to Carlin is trust. One book. Pictures. Poems. Awards. Thoughts. Wishes.  And most importantly hand written prayers of gratitude to the Lord. This is Paul's own documentary of his life.

 Paul is in the hospital. Handsome man. He tells Carlin, "Everything is going to be lovely." Carlin believes him. 
And that will be the title of the future book: "Everything is Going to be Lovely."
Not THE END, but a beginning.
~Carlin & Paul

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