Monday, April 16, 2012

Sexy Chocolate

Katrina Markoff

 "From the kitchen of her Chicago apartment, Katrina Markoff has launched a veritable chocolate revolution. She is personally responsible for the conceptualization of her collections, recipe development and vision of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, and with chocolate as her medium, she encourages others to explore the diversity of cultures, artists, traditions and movements. Through her inspiration, sensual and experiential approach, unexpected ingredients and highly sophisticated methods, Katrina inspires and models innovation - taking risks and pushing the boundaries of chocolate conventions."

 What a PERFECT fit!  C & A Camp is now our local source for Vosges Chocolate!

 "With each chocolate collection she creates, Katrina opens minds to new ideas and inspires a more non-judgmental and inclusive world."

Katrina’s Creative Process: 

My first step, and the origin of everything thereafter, is the act of falling in love with either beauty, curiosity or cause. This may be as simple as my first encounter with wattleseed, a food staple of the Aboriginal culture, the beauty of Antoní Gaudí’s cathedral, La Sagrada Família or the women of Afghanistan working in a beauty parlour.

With love there is no thought - only feeling - and it inevitably floats me to the next step of inspiration. A moment of transparency comes and the inspiration transforms into a vision of connectivity to my craft. Listening carefully, I hear the vision with clarity, allowing me to translate the love into my medium of chocolate storytelling.

 Step 3 - ACTION
The action is not just dreaming and leaving the thoughts in the clouds, but actually DOING something to physically create the idea. It is the pivotal moment. I act so as not to lose the idea to the fires that flare up around me in a moment’s notice. I take action to create the collection out of dire need for it to tangibly exist. It is never perfect, for if it were it would never be born.

Finally, there is the experience. The inspiration, ingredients and story create the final experiential interaction of each product with YOU. You embark upon your personal, sensory journey: the loosening of the ribbon and lifting of the boxes, the dissemination of a message, the interpretation of new parfums and the connection with your senses. If due to this experience, you stop and think about something in a new light, open your mind to a novel idea and possibly create through your medium, then this is a success.

C & A Camp
Downtown Charlottesville

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