Monday, June 6, 2011

Light My Fire

(Ack!  Where are the candles?!)

Nothing says summertime like dining outdoors.  You've set the table with LIBECO LINENS -- just don't forget the candlelight -- it's what every table needs to be complete.
And long lasting, clean burning beeswax candles are definitely the way to go.

For the very best in beeswax candles, choose 
Bee Hive Candles.  They are 100% beeswax -- the real thing.  No additives, no scents, no fillers, nothing but the beeswax is used to make these amazing candles.  All the wax used in production is made in the USA.  No imported beeswax is used.

Have you ever smelled 100% beeswax candles?  They have a faint scent of honey -- not from anything added, but because they contain a very small amount of actual honey!
It is a heavenly, yummy scent that is pure and clear.

Bee Hive Candles are hand poured and hand finished.  Each one is inspected for quality.

All taper candles, either Standard or the larger Colonial are drip-less and clean burning.

photo by Grahm Owen

Colors too!!
Honeycomb sheets masterfully rolled by hand to create a decorative & playful beeswax taper candle.
And of course, all Bee Hive Candles are oh so green!

photo by Jonny White

Bee Hive Candles 
are available through 
C.A. Camp & Sannino
Charlottesville, VA

photo via linen and lavender blog

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  1. Wow this makes me crave candlelight dinner, and that last talk about seductive! beeswax candles and that unmistakable smell!