Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ahhhh.....La Bella Vita

In our never-ending love of travel here at Camp & Sannino, today's post takes us to
Southern Italy.

Could there be a more perfect, more beautiful hotel in the world?  
(That was a rhetorical question.)


Located on the Amalfi Coast, just outside of Positano is a remarkable hotel, Il San Pietro Di Positano.

There is something magical about this place.  
Carlin told me so.

1 comment:

  1. Yes I have lots of favorite hotels, Hotel San Pietro being a tip top. Is fresh, sexy, fun, beautiful & exhilarating!
    Learned a lot. Campari is most definitely not cherry soda ( learned after downing a whole bottle, was so thirsty. That will never happen again, yuk).
    About that Amalfi coast highway. Stunning & scary, to drive. Was my turn to drive (BF was napping). Once able, I pulled over. He woke to me having a temper tantrum of pure stubbornness.
    Refused to drive that highway, figured Id either faint or drive right off edge, shivers. Luckily BF (morphed into husband:) drove. Then by accident I scared him on Capri. I simply ran to edge of cliff(that's normal for me) for a peek. WOW, was better than great.
    Come to find out, he was the one truly
    frightened of heights. Ruined all my fun as he made me stand back from cliff. NOW, how come he could drive the coast & I can run a cliff? Mystery to me, must be opposite day personalities:). So much FUN!