Sunday, June 26, 2011

We ♥ New York

Who doesn't love the greatest city on Earth?  Let's take a bite out of the big apple!
One of our favorite museums, the spectacular Neue Galerie

On this trip, we'll be staying in Midtown at  
Jumeirah Essex House.
Jumeirah Essex House is situated between Central Park and Broadway. It has been described as luxurious, yet cozy.  Sounds perfect!
This is where Carlin and her son like to stay when in NYC.

They're even pet friendly!!

Impeccable service is guaranteed, gorgeous views, and in the most desirable city location -- aren't you ready for a stay in the city?

We know that fine dining abounds in New York, but there is no place like:

Go there for a lovely lunch.

After lunch, you know damn well we're going shopping!
First stop:  

Shoe shopping gawking at Bergdorf's is a must.

But for the ultimate in shoe experiences, head to 
Madison Avenue. 
There you will find Silvano Lattanzi
where you can get your shoes handmade.

The boutiques in Nolita are a must-see.  As boutique freaks, this area can't be missed.

When we're finished with our shopping excursion, THIS is where we'd have dinner.
Because its yummy and we'd be hungry.



  1. ~My son & I love cool hotels & this is right on park, really nice peoples!
    ~CAVIAR RUSSE~, yes for "ladies who lunch" & chicks who lunch in jeans. Always have a togo fly home package thrown together(they are so nice about it). What a TREAT!& my man loved being treated. Id fly in, fly out same day FOR shoe fittings. (OK Scarpa is my fav.but if not Scarpa well..........
    ~Silvano Lattanzi~ Silvano asked me to (not for fitting) fly to NYC(he wished to meet me for god knows what reason, that was good enough:). He was flying in from Italy to visit his shop in NYC. Packed up my girls & off we went.Saw Mr. Lattanzi a few times. Then saw him off. He left with gifts from VA! Sharp *CAVALIER* jacket, handmade covered neckroll pillow in case (Alana:)& I'll be damn if he didnt strut off with all that (jacket on ) in the finest(whew)handmade multicolored shoes Ive ever seen, carrying his pillow. Guess if ya own it WEAR it! & boy did he EVER. Hi Silvano & Anna (sending blog to you, yay:)
    ~Barneys~'nuff said!

  2. You are in for a great trip!! Have a ball, if you need any more recommendations feel free to email me though looks like you are in good shape...have stayed at The Essex house but before the Jumeirah group bought them, great location...right where all the action is..and you can walk to fun and lively Columbus ave. from there (there used to be so many great fun restaurants there but in fairness its been awhile so not sure. The new Milly boutique opened downtown and having lunch in the Armani cafe in the Armani store is cool as is the restaurant at Bergdorfs (the one Kelly Weartsler deisgned) so much to see and do! Enjoy!!!

  3. PS Freds restaurant at Barneys is a good lunch spot too if you are going to be hitting Madison Avenue.

  4. HI Enchanted, noticed your comment thanks for reccs. love new adventures.That hotel is so much fun & yes very very different from old one. having stayed in quite a few, this is the one my son & i love(you nailed "right where all the action is".But is calm there. I refuse Time Square etc, way too much for me). My daughter & I, like a different one(very very calm). Special time with my Babies. We've been theater buffs since birth! Son now loves(took him longer). We get sep. rooms, gives them a chance to sneak out kidding. they go as they wish. Just makes for no fussing:)
    We were in NYC over Thanksgiving(sev.yrs ago). I thought it would be neat to go to Harlem(love Har.) for dinner. Figure we could count on a good basic meal at Sylvia's. Loved it, took the subway. Sat RIGHT next to Roberta Flack. Blog covers all done trips. Hitting Boulder, Africa & Mexico next in real life, again. I adore YOUR blog & have learned quite a few tricks, Id never thought of. Thank YOU:)Your house is hip & lovely as you are, wink!