Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mexican Joy



 Such a vibrant, alive city ~~ Mexico City!

The people are lovely and the art abounds!!

 "Mexico City's extremes - its wealth and poverty, the tranquility of its leafy parks and the sunburned chaos of its hectic avenues - are particularly conducive to its current edgy creativity."

 "Armed police officers now patrol the once dangerous corners, the cobblestone streets are kept tidy and swept and kiosks with panic buttons are a common sight. (Which is not to say there is no crime, there is merely less of it in the guarded areas.)"

 The food is spectacular!  How about a snack of flash-fried grasshoppers?!

"Mexico City's affluent seem willing, possibly as result of the trendiness of contemporary art, to embrace street culture in a way that was probably considered too dangerous, or déclassé, 20 years ago."

When Carlin travels to Mexico City her favorite hangout is (did you guess?) a museum.
She loves the 
And who can blame her?  Some of the most amazing art in the world is housed here.

Ah yes, Ms. Kahlo, you rock our world!

So this, my friends is just a taste of the luscious Mexico.  Stay tuned for the incredible hotel we'll be staying in.....

¡Hasta pronto!

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