Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Ritz Carlton Central Park...

...has the best, most comfortable beds in all the world, according to Carlin's daughter, Annie.

Annie is a lovely young woman with style and taste - yet not a pretentious bone in her body.  She and her mom have traveled quite a bit, but their favorite way to vacation is how they spend time in New York --at the Ritz, of course.

They see shows, they leisurely stroll the Park, and they order room service for every meal.  Down-to-earth decadence and a true appreciation of relaxation and pampering are what these two ladies are all about.

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is Annie's all time favorite show!

 Ah, the good life!

 Treat yourself to a lovely stay at the Ritz Carlton in NYC.  You will love it!  Annie and Carlin do.

photos: Ritz-Carlton, tripadvisor,

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  1. Happiest I am EVER, is with my children! 2nd happiest, to watch my kids stride independently with confidence & freedom!
    Guess you cant have it ALL:)darn it